Useful Personal Development Tips for you

Throughout history, imagination has been the sole supreme power of the world. People do not truly follow a person they call leader. They follow what they imagine to be this person who they call leader. Beware what you imagine. Separate what is your imagination from what you know to be true.

The closer your imagination is to the truth, the better. The map is not the territory. The news article may not necessarily report the truth of the situation. Know what other people are imagining. By your truth, bring their imagination closer to reality.

Paradox is the engine of the Universe. The meeting of opposites, the synthesis of thesis and antithesis, the neutralisation of positive and negative, the cycling of a motor due to the attraction-repulsion of North and South magnetic poles, these are but examples of the truth of duality in the Universe. Your adversities and adversaries, both within and without, defines your path.

A Hero is not a Hero if he does not encounter an equal in an adversary – be it in the form of a person or a system or a situation. Ultimately, you choose how the synthesis between you and your opposite should happen in the best possible way.

What you see in your mind, you shall also see in your reality. You did not create that reality with your mind. That reality is already there for your mind to see. What you see in your reality is only a part of the whole that your mind is able to encompass out of the totality of the reality beyond your mind.

Reality is far vaster than what your mind could grasp. Accept this with humility. Yet be amazed at how powerful the search engine of your brain is in picking out that which you seek in your Reality.

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