Tips to Level Up Your Abaya Style

A woman cannot go out of the house without her styling herself. Whether she wants to be modest or extravagant, she would always find a way to elevate her looks by styling her clothes. It is no different when you are wearing an abaya. There are 2 types of abaya that you can use. An open abaya that is like a robe or a kimono and a close abaya which you use like a dress. Of course, you would want these abayas to look good. Here are some tips that you can use to level up your abaya styling.

Choose an abaya with a waist shape seam or a stitch around the waist
You don’t always have to choose a straight cut abaya. There are abayas available out there that has a stitch around the waist. It will not really show your curves or form, but the dress will have a shape. Having a stitch around your waist will make you look taller because it will appear that your legs are longer.

Choose an abaya that can be close or open.
Who doesn’t love clothes that you can style multi purposely? There are abayas out there that you can either have it close or open because of their zipper. These abayas are good because you can have a lot of options in styling it. It will be a good investment. Always have a good neutral piece that you can pair with your abaya. You can pair your abaya with a neutral-colored dress that can be short sleeve or long sleeve. It’s up to you. But it is always good to have a neutral-colored piece in your wardrobe because you can pair it with anything. You can pair it with plain or printed abaya.

Have a good comfortable pair of jeans to go with your abaya
If you are using the open abaya, you would want to have a good pair of jeans underneath. It should be comfortable too. Something that you could wear the whole day. A basic colored pair of jeans can go a long way, so be good to in choosing a pair of jeans. Invest on a pair that will last you long.

Pair your abaya with statement shoes
Ladies love their shoes. You can be very playful with your shoes with abaya. A pair of shoes with fun color can be a good statement piece for a basic abaya. A pair of killer heels will definitely create an impact to the whole outfit. Shoes are important part of the outfit so make sure that you have a good statement shoes.

Abayas can be styled in different ways, depending on your personality. You can have it as girly as you like, or as basic as you like. What’s more important is your style should depend on what you are comfortable with. Remember that confidence is always the key. You are dressing up for yourself and not for others. You must feel good in whatever you are wearing. A good fashion statement requires a lot of confidence and class. So be confident always in wearing those abayas.

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