Schemes to Become a Singapore Permanent Resident

There are a lot of people who wants to explore other country and be a resident there. For most of the foreigners, they want to migrate to other country because there are more opportunities for them in that country. They want to give themselves and their family a better life. Many countries are open for foreigners going there and applying for a permanent residency. Some countries encourage more people to go to their country so they can boost their own economy. If you are looking for a country where you can choose to settle or have a permanent residency with, you might want to consider going to Singapore.

Singapore is one of, if not the best, countries to have a best economy in the Asia Pacific region. Despite the pandemic in 2020, they were able to maintain their free economy status. This might be relevant to you when checking for a country where you should apply residency. Singapore is considered to be one of Asia’s most stable and developed country. This would mean that Singapore is a financial hub and many opportunities are waiting for you.

Singapore is a multicultural country. They are open and accepting with the foreigners that wants to reside in their country. This is the reason why many foreigners are attracted to live in Singapore. Generally, Singapore has a very safe environment, which is suitable for children and women. A thing to consider when you have a family.

There are different schemes for becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident.  Most common is the scheme for working individuals. But there are other scheme that you can use as a path for applying your permanent residency visa in Singapore.

Scheme for Working Individuals
This scheme is for the professionals that are working in Singapore. If you are a technically skilled or a professional individual that is working in Singapore for a time, this is the scheme you would take.

Scheme for Investors
This is the scheme you can take if you are a investor of the country. Of course, with this type of scheme, you have to be ready with the funds, because they would ask you for the proof of your investment in the country. Aside from the funds, they would be also asking you about your background before approving your permanent resident visa.

Scheme for Foreign Artistic Talent
Singapore is also a hub for many artists. This residency scheme are for those foreign artists who wants to reside in Singapore. If you have a talent in any form of arts, whether it is visual, theater, film or music, you can check this scheme for you. But of course you have to establish first that you are really an artist.

Please bear in mind that even if Singapore is open for many foreigners to be a resident in their country, many are also declined with their application. Application experience can be different for each person. It is always better to be prepared with all the necessary documents, all the necessary proofs, when applying for residency to have a higher chance of approval.

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