Most Common Fabrics Used for Piano Keyboard Cover

There are three fabric materials that are often used for making a piano keyboard cover. These include vinyl, quilted, and Mackintosh. Your choice of fabric will mainly depend on your specific situation and what you want to achieve with your keyboard cover.

Vinyl Piano Keyboard Covers
Vinyl is probably the most popular option for keyboard covers. This boasts of an attractive appearance like soft leather and is available in different colors. The most common color choices are brown and black. Vinyl covers don’t breathe that well and this is why they feature overlapping slide panels to let air into the piano even with the cover in place. These covers are water resistant, holding up pretty well if you put your drink on top of the cover and leave it there for some time.

Just like other water-resistant materials, any wet area must be wiped up after you remove your drink. A vinyl piano keyboard cover is medium weight as compared to the lightest quilted cotton and the heaviest Mackintosh. Vinyl covers can match up well with the requirements of most people during their search for a good piano cover.

Mackintosh Piano Keyboard Covers
Mackintosh keyboard covers are available in black or brown colors as well. This fabric looks warm and smooth. A lot of people are not really familiar with Mackintosh and might not have even heard of it during their search for some kind of cover. Mackintosh is a type of cloth that is a tightly woven material that is also called waterproof drill cloth. Charles Mackintosh from Manchester, England invented this cloth as a way to ensure that dry clothing will touch the skin of the person while the cloth’s outer layer keeps the moisture out and fights the weather.

Since this fabric is much thicker compared to vinyl, this offers more protection from accidental bumps than covers made from vinyl. Mackintosh piano keyboard cover is more recommended for pianos located in areas with more traffic such as schools, hotels, and churches where there is greater risk of wear than homes. The number one reason why Mackintosh fabric is in demand is because it adds a pleasing appeal to any room. It looks warmer and softer than vinyl and also looks less commercial than quilted covers.

Quilted Piano Keyboard Covers
Quilted keyboard covers are usually available in black only. These boast of a gorgeous 4-inch square pattern with a professional appeal. Quilted covers are recommended for areas where the cover’s weight is something that must be considered. The quilted covers also happen to be the most breathable and a lot of customers like this specific aspect of these covers, especially in environmentally controlled rooms. A quilted piano keyboard cover with a cotton backdrop is the easiest to remove and is also the lightest that makes it a favorite among more mature customers. These covers are best sellers for most church groups and nursing homes.

These are some of the common fabrics used for piano keyboard covers you can choose from today. If you want to learn more about piano keyboard covers, go to Clairevoire and visit their Facebook page.

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