How to Draw a Simple Goal Map for Success

Don’t worry. You don’t need to be a Leonardo Da Vinci to do this. You only need to be a Picasso. My apologies to art purists and
art buffs who know better. I mean, you don’t need any decent amount of drawing or artistic skills to create this Goal Map of yours. But it is better, and you will be able to manifest your goal more effectively, if you learn how to draw for the sake of this exercise.

Drawing is a learnable skill, and is learnable within a short period of time, with minimal amount of investment of energy. The secret to this is to start by tracing pictures from magazines, newspapers and other printed media. If you still don’t like or don’t want to draw, then all you need to do is to find pictures that represent what your goals are, cut them out and paste them onto your sketchbook. Create a collage for your Goal- Map. These work just as fine. But I really recommend that you learn to draw.

Drawing is also a form of articulation, in visual form. The connections involved are the image-generating, visual memory, bodily movement (your drawing hand), spatial movement (sense of space) areas of your brain. Perhaps, instead of creating collages, you find those images that represent the object of your goal in tangible form (e.g. your goal/ wish/ desire is for a car; therefore, you find a picture of the car you want, e.g. a BMW), look at it, notice every detail of it, and start imitating it on paper.

Look at the outlines first. Draw out the outlines first. Then, fill in the rest of the details. Or even better, use a thin piece of tracing paper, place it over the picture and start tracing! Tracing is one of the easiest drawing exercises you can do. In fact, your Goal Map need not resemble the true object of your goal 100%. As long as by looking at it, you know and have a sense of what it is you want, that’s fine. In more numeric terms, that’s about 60 – 75%.