Guide on Finding the Best Maths Tuition in Singapore

Problems Students Face with the Maths Syllabus in Singapore
Over the years, the Maths syllabus in Singapore has changed to be more difficult. This has led to a rise in the number of students who cannot even finish their secondary education. On top of this, there are also many other problems that exist with the current maths syllabus such as a lack of usefulness or relevance in today’s world, too much stress on test scores and too much focus on mental math that produces errors when using a calculator.

There is also a lack of difficulty progression, which means that students don’t know how to complete an assignment or what they need to do in order to solve certain Maths problems. This in turn can lead to students feeling frustrated when taking Maths exams.

Apart from problems mentioned above, there are also gaps in content delivery, which means students might be introduced to the Maths topics but not get the deeper explanation that is required to understand the concept fully. Another issue is that teachers do not prioritize certain topics as being important for the syllabus because they feel it’s difficult or too hard for students, so they only focus on those topics that carry higher weightage in the exams.

What Makes a Good Maths Tutor or Instructor?
The traditional view of what makes a good maths tutor or instructor is that they have a lot of experience in the subject and know all the rules. They are supposed to teach people how to apply math in their everyday lives. The new view is that this isn’t necessary for an experienced tutor, but they need to be motivated, have charisma and great presentation skills.

In order to train good Maths tutors, the education system needs training programs that are focused on creativity and motivation rather than just reviewing the rules. A lot of the quality criteria for a maths tutor is based on their personality rather than just their skill set. If you look at maths tutors as people first, you can see why certain aspects of them are more important than others, like if they have charisma or if they’re passionate about teaching Maths to their students.

How to Find the Best Maths Tuition Centre in Singapore
There are currently hundreds of maths tuition centres in Singapore. It is very difficult to pick the one offering the best maths tuition in Singapore because they all offer rather similar services. Some factors that you can consider when choosing a maths tuition centre are the location, price and what kind of classes they offer. You will also need to consider different criteria like review score and number of students enrolled. Ultimately, the best maths tuition centres will be able to provide you with a good experience, solve your problems and help you improve your grades in primary or secondary school or colleges.

Once you have considered the factors, you can then surf the internet and do a quick Google search for maths tuition centres in Singapore. Compare the rates of the tuition centres, qualification and experiences of the tutors, and accessibility of the tuition centre, before deciding which one is the most suitable for your child. Next, compare the different options and read reviews, before narrowing your choices based on the ones that have the best reviews and recommendations. Finally, select a Maths tuition centre based on their quality and availability.

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