Common Reasons why People Fail

Your journey begins! In order to achieve success, you must truly define what you really, really want, in a way that is in alignment with and in the best interests of your core inner values, those principles to which you’ve placed the highest priority. Think about some of those things which you really want to achieve in your life if only you had the time, money, expertise and connections with the right people to do it. It should not be something as simple as looking for halal food in singapore

You’ve probably done this many times if you’ve read many other goal setting, creative visualization or self improvement books before. They usually tell you to get a piece of paper and write these things down. Many people won’t do it even if the author promises to pay for that person to do it (Sorry… just had to say it!). Many do.

If you have, take out that piece of paper or what is left of that “success journal” you kept before, and review it. If you have not, start now. How many of those things have you achieved already? How many of them have you not? If you have more achieved than not, congratulations! Keep on reading and let’s see how we can make you achieve even more.

If you have lesser things achieved than un-achieved, why? Just ask yourself why you’ve probably not accomplished most of the things you’ve listed down. Listen to your reasons, your expressions of unfairness towards the world, descriptions of your unfortunate fate into which you’d been born into, in brief, your excuses.

Let me tell you some of the most common reasons why people fail. These reasons are common, but not commonly talked about or even known. You’ve most probably never heard of these reasons before. You’re probably expecting me to say something like – having goals which are not clearly defined, not knowing where to go with your life, not having the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed, not having enough motivation, having negative, self-destructive habits which are inhibiting success and happiness, ad nauseam.

But what I’ve boiled them all down to is this – not being honest with themselves (having too ambitious or too lowly goals for themselves, and blaming others but them- selves as excuses for failing), not having a fair sense of justice (expecting good things to come to them while doing nothing to get it, or worse, harming other people or things to get it) and not having enough common sense (asking for heaven when you can’t even afford earth).

These reasons can be summed up as 3 values or core principles which are inherent in every human being and to which all should strive to return to living by them – truth, justice and wisdom. I’m probably sounding Socratic here, but like I said, if you continue doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get the same results no matter what.