At What Age Can I Allow My Children Go Online?

In the current world there are many things parents need to be concerned about, and the Internet is one among them. Of course it is impossible to keep your children away from the internet indefinitely, so the criteria remains as when is the appropriate age to introduce them to the internet, and how can you keep your children safe while browsing online. Private tuition in Singapore would like to discuss how you can provide healthy internet browsing habits for your children.

Exercising Control Without Restricting Is Very Difficult

Parents are often divided when it comes to their children using the internet. Many parents i9n Singapore believe that they should not let their children browse the internet to protect them, and some parents believe that the internet is an inseparable part of our modern life and children must be taught how to use it properly since it is an integral part of our lives.

Of course it is impossible to keep children never browsing the internet as many of the child’s classmates might have smartphones and schools facilitate the internet for better learning experiences. So, the best solution is to allow your children to browse the internet in a safe environment until they are old enough. Now, let us discuss the advantages of the internet.

Benefit Of Browsing The Internet

The Internet allows access to a huge amount of information which is very vital in modern education systems. It is almost impossible to achieve higher grades in the modern education system without access to the internet. Before the internet, you would have to go to a library and search for the required book to find information you need. Now, due to the internet, it is available to you at the push of a button.

Developing Healthy Browsing Options

One major problem many parents in Singapore face is their child being addicted to internet browsing and social media. Although social media plays a vital role in our modern lives, it is still necessary to balance in our lives. Generally, children in Singapore who are introduced to the internet and social media early in their lives without being supervised properly, concentrate only on the internet and social media, and ignore their responsibilities. This is not a healthy practise as addictions are not good, and it is very difficult to get away from addictions.

What Can You Do

As parents, we strongly suggest you teach your children how to use the internet properly. Teach your children to use the internet for academic purposes like assignments and homework. Then, introduce them to social media but only for a short duration like an hour. Educating children on how to use the internet for social media properly so that they learn the necessary concepts required while browsing and they will also feel comfortable while using social media in later stages of their lives.

The internet is a huge medium for information and communication, and at some point everyone in their lives will come across it. In Singapore, we strongly suggest that parents educate their children on how they can use effectively for the best results possible, particularly to focus usage of the internet for academics.

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